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Forging on

I spent the entire day at West Thumb recouping and looking around. Fingers are quite bloody from the cracks which is no fun. That is defintely one thing I got to solve otherwise I’m Gonna be toast. I’m forging onto Old Faithful tomorrow. Apparently there’s a couple who walks to Old Faithful on snowshoes every year. Their goal is to walk to Old Faithful on snow shoes from every entrance in the park. After crossing the park on snowshoes I have to say that’s a pretty steep challenge. But they catch a ride back so it’s not like they have
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In west thumb

Having a good and educational time in Yellowstone. Had my first equipment loss – the precious cereal bowl. It seconded as the scoop for making water. I didn’t pack the bowl in its usual place in a bag. Sure enough, I must have dropped it when digging through the gear bag. My efficiency is low for gear handling on this trip. That needs some serious work prior to any larger expeditions. Need the lexan cup. It is smaller than a cereal bowl and won’t shatter at minus 20 deg. Tonite finds me at west thumb. Last nite was -20 deg.
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Smoothing out the towing

After training for several months for an expedition to Yellowstone, I’ve been searching  around for how others have changed the shock of dragging a tire or a sled.  As the rope pulls taught, the lower back and hips take the impact of the full weight of the sled or tire I’m towing. This makes you a little tougher but over mutliple days, it’ll kill your back. Enter bungees.
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