Radio Interview KID-AM

Thank you to Neal Larson of KID-AM and FM out of Idaho Falls for the radio interview earlier this week. We talked about the Idaho Total Eclipse Guide. This book is the only guide dedicated to Idaho for the total eclipse on August 21, 2017.

Neal has hosted KID’s morning show for some time. He brings information, education, and entertainment to eastern Idaho. The morning show has the latest news and updates from around Idaho and across the country.

Listen to the radio interview in this Youtube video. You will learn more about the eclipse over Idaho, like how to be safe, where to go, and other viewing and photography tips.

The radio station plays on AM-590, FM-92.1, and FM-106.3.

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Thank you to Adrian Hackett for hiring me as the keynote speaker for the West Tennessee Boy Scout Council’s annual fundraising dinner. The goal of this event was to raise funds for the Boy Scout program. The objective of my talk was to integrate scouting with my message of building grit and courage while keeping a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

Watch Adrian’s testimonial on what he thought about Aaron as the speaker for his event.

Keynote Speaker Testimonial Adrian Hackett

Working as a Keynote Speaker

I wanted to make sure I delivered the message the council needed to achieve their objectives, in this case raising funds. As a speaker, it’s important to communicate exactly what a client needs for their event. My goal is to be as easy as possible to work with and to provide the best value for a client’s investment in my program.


Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide

Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide
I’m super excited for my new book to come out this month: Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide, the Commemorative Official Guidebook. It’s loaded with eclipse photography specifics, safety info, and locations to shoot from.
If you want to photograph the eclipse over the Grand Teton, this book has specific locations to shoot from. It has specific locations to be in on August 21, 2017.

This book is a keepsake. Get a copy for each of your family members.

Each can write down their emotions and remember this unique and once-in-a-lifetime event in Grand Teton. The back of the book has prompts for notes. Write down your personal experience with the total solar eclipse, the first in the US since 1979.

Keepsake Notes Section

Here are the note sections you can write down in your Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide:
  • Who was I with?
  • What did I see?
  • What did I feel?
  • What did the people with me think?
  • Where did I stay?
Years later you can read about your family memories with this book. For some, this may be the one and only total eclipse they will ever see.

Eclipse Photography

Photographing an eclipse is actually pretty dangerous. I partly fried the inside of my D300s during the 2012 partial eclipse. Oops! My Nikon still works but it was a good lesson. It was like looking into a laser beam.
It also explains how to photograph the total eclipse. The difference between shooting a partial and a total eclipse is massive. Your exposure goes from, well, the sun, all the way to starlight in a few seconds. Can you shoot 11 bracketed shots in 2 minutes under pressure? That’s what it takes to capture that corona and the stars.

Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide Photography Locations

sun over grand tetonWhere are some good locations to photograph the eclipse from? The book has loads of locations, how to get there, and where to stand to take the shot you want.
Some locations are well known, others are secret and quite unexpected. There is only one place in the entire region that you can get the total eclipse anywhere close to the Grand Teton. And it’s not where you might think.

Photography Filters for a Total Eclipse

eclipse imageWhat density filter will you use for the partial eclipse? You’re looking at the sun. Not just any filter will do the job.
If you think you’ll use your iPhone or Android to photograph the eclipse, you’ll end up with a sun image that’s 40 pixels wide. The book has a simulation of different focal lengths for full-frame and crop sensors.

Where will the sun be?

The book explains exactly where the sun will be. Whether you’re in Teton Valley, Grand Teton National Park, or Jackson Hole, you need to know where to view the eclipse from. For this particular total eclipse, basic viewing is easy! But getting a good photograph is a big challenge. The Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide gives you that information and more.

Get the Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide

Purchase your signed Jackson Hole Total Eclipse Guide here. Add some eclipse glasses to the package. Be ready for the biggest event to come to Jackson and Grand Teton ever!

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Other Resources is a handy resource for those looking for information on Yellowstone.

Step up a level

In order to reach the next level in a new years resolution workout, you have to push yourself a little bit. Once you try the tougher regimen, you’ll discover that your regular workout is easier.

How can something be tougher one day and then a few days later easier? This is a great hack: By stepping up to the next level. Even if you step up a tiny bit, what you were doing will seem magically easier. Why does it seem magical? Because our brains can be easily fooled into believing something is easy. The part that’s tough is realizing you have to try something harder to make what you’re doing seem easier.

You can do it! Keep up the motivation for your New Years resolution.

Talk in Sequim, WA

On January 19, 2017, at 7pm, I will speak to Boy Scout Troop 90 and the Sequim community about my solo expedition to the South Pole. I will talk about what it’s like to be alone in Antarctica for three months. Both kids and adults will learn how to develop grit, build courage, and maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity.

Radio station KNOP 101.7FM/1410AM interviewed Rene Nadon, Troop 90’s scoutmaster, and I live on the radio on January 10, 2017. We were on the Todd Ortloff Show. Todd was amazed at the difficulty of the expedition and enjoyed hearing about me eating a half pound of butter every day.

Radio Interview

Listen to the radio show here:

(Please note, part of the interview was lost when the internet connection dropped)

Event Information

Location: Sequim Community Church, (360) 683-4194 • 950 N. Fifth Ave., Sequim, WA 98382
Time: 7pm

Go run in the rain

How is your New Year resolution going? Is the winter weather getting in the way of keeping your resolution? Don’t let it! So what if it’s rainy or snowy outside! You are not going to melt. Thankfully humans aren’t allergic to water. If that happened, we’d all be toast. So whatever version of water you’re encountering, whether it’s rain, snow, sleet, fog, or whatever, don’t let it stop you.

The western US is receiving crazy weather right now – be safe! Just because I told you to go run in the rain doesn’t mean you should go run across a raging river. Don’t do it. Be safe!

New Years Resolutions

7 Tips Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions and Staying Motivated

Almost everyone makes resolutions especially new year`s resolutions with the aim of self-improvement. Unfortunately, most of us fail to live up to the resolutions due to a lack of the necessary motivation required to overcome temptations and personal weakness as well.

Keeping your new year's resolutions and staying motivated throughout the course of achieving goals and personal targets is not easy. Observing these 7 tips will ensure you stay motivated, overcome temptation and for once, keep your resolutions—and ultimately achieve your personal or professional goals.

​Steps to keeping your New Years Resolution

1. Plan for the Resolutions

Failing to Plan is Planning to fail. Making resolutions is not enough! Aim to prepare for the changes by analyzing your behavior patterns and making necessary modifications to support your goals. For instance, if your resolution is to finally join the gym, plan in advance and determine the most convenient time, whether morning, afternoon or evening. If you intend to cut off a bad habit, ensure that all the necessary measures are put in place through proper planning. This will help keep your motivation levels high as you will have a blueprint of your targets.

2. Write the resolutions down and stick them somewhere visibile

Writing down the intended changes and resolutions will maintain your focus on goals as the notes will act as a reminder of your initial ambitions. Using your smartphone as a reminder is also an efficient technique that will help remind you of the need for consistency. The most common mistake made when making new years resolutions is assuming that changes will occur automatically instead of gradually over time. Write down everything whether on your phone or personal diary. Yes, Everything!! This should include even the tiniest of details as you might be shocked just how handy the notes will come when you need additional motivation to stick to your course.

3. Break down your goals and resolutions into measurable milestones

Think of your goal or resolution like a ladder. To get to the top, you have to go through the lower steps. The secret to staying motivated and maintaining resolutions is breaking down your primary goals into achievable milestones. Once you break down your goals, ensure you reward yourself for every milestone you achieve. This will help keep your motivation levels high as achieving small goals will increase belief in achieving the ultimate goal

4. Stay focused and anticipate setbacks or challenges

Having a positive mental attitude is key to upholding your resolutions. As you set your goals, make allocations for deviations and if possible define how you will handle challenges when they occur. This will enable you to deal with challenges without being demotivated. If your planning on quitting a bad habit, for instance, make sure you plan for the day you might slip and give in to temptation (this does not mean you succumb to temptations). Making this plan will enable you to bounce back from the slip without reverting to your old ways.

5. Share your resolutions with close friends or family

Notifying a close friend or family of your resolutions will help keep you motivated as you will receive external support and follow-up as well. Remember, no one is an island; therefore, always keep a friend on hand to motivate you on those rainy days that you want to give in and succumb to temptation. Communicating your resolutions to a trusted friend or close family member will ensure you not only stay on track in achieving your resolutions but also remain motivated throughout.

6. Cut unproductive ties while maintaining like minded people

Surround yourself with positive minded folks. Target friends who challenge you and push you to achieving your goals. Whatever your goal might be, ensure that the people around you motivate you. Maintaining resolutions in the new year is not easy; however, the weight can be slightly lifted if you interact with individuals who push you to be better by motivating and challenging you.

7. Self-discipline and consistency

Self-discipline is the only difference between achievers and failures. Having a high sense of discipline will ensure you overcome temptations and procrastination as well. Learn to prioritize and remain consistent in your resolutions. Consistency in change will help you achieve set goals and maintain your new year's resolutions among other targets.

​New Years Resolution Wrap-up

Observing these tips will help you maintain high levels of motivation and eventually achieve all your set goals, whether new years resolutions or personal objectives. Remember to always plan for your resolutions and potential challenges as well. This will ensure you bounce back whenever you slip.

Winter Motivation

Winter motivation is tough. When it's -15º outside and you have to train for an expedition or event in the spring, your body and mind does everything it can to discourage you. All of the sudden you'll notice dust on the baseboards. You'll see that the dishes aren't cleaned. Laundry that's sat around for two weeks all of the sudden becomes interesting.

Then the ultimate excuse comes up—running outside when the street is icy is plain dangerous. You can't run on ice. What happens when, not if, you slip, fall, and break something? Here's the breakdown of what you are fighting:


Stay or get fit

Healthy and active

Running in the cold

  • Envigorating
  • Builds grit
  • Develop courage
  • Stay fit for spring

Don't work out

Avoid slipping on ice

Hiding out inside

Staying inside

  • Avoid a slip and fall
  • Stay warm
  • Why train?
  • Who cares?

The problem comes down to how do you keep running and training during the winter. Certainly you've tried Yaktrax, 550 paracord, and just slowly running. But in the end, they all break, don't work, or snag.

Surely there has to be a solution for those who want to run in the winter, right?

Yes there is! Polar explorer and motivational speaker Aaron Linsdau shows you how to run on solid ice. He gives you winter motivation with the below video on how to stay uninjured (mostly) while running in the winter.

Of course please note—if you use my technique and something goes wrong, it's not my fault. Disclaimer: Running on ice is dangerous. Something might happen to you. This technique is only for the hardcore who accept personal responsibility for whatever happens to them. If that's not you, please don't put screws in your shoes, run on ice, or anything else I suggested in this video. Thank you.