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Antarctic Tears

Antarctic Tears

Antarctic Tears

What was it like to be alone in the largest wilderness on earth for three months? When everything goes wrong and you are alone, do you have what it takes to keep moving forward? Learn what Aaron Linsdau did to keep his expedition going in the face of impossible conditions and life-threatening problems.

Order your copy of Antarctic Tears today and learn how you can apply the lessons he learned to your life. The book is both inspirational and motivating. You do not need to be a super-hero to achieve incredible goals. You need mental fortitude and a willingness to doggedly pursue your dreams and never give up.

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Antarctic Tears Audiobook

book122 front-500pxAntarctic Tears is now available as an exciting Audio Book. You can order the classic CD box set, MP3 files on a USB drive, or directly download the MP3 files from the publisher.

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Antarctic Tears, the movie

aaron_markerExperience what crossing Antarctica. The feature-length film, Antarctic Tears, is now available for purchase. See what happens to a person living off of butter, determination, and grit. What is it like to be alone for three months? This film will make you laugh, cry, and cheer the whole way.

See what drives someone to pay to travel to the most remote place on Earth.

Antarctic Tears is 85 minutes.

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Antarctic Tears Book & Feature Film Trailer