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BEST 31 tourist selfie spots in downtown Jackson Hole

When you visit Jackson Hole, where do you find the best and most unique selfie spots for your favorite vacation photo? Aaron is a Jackson, WY native and shares his best secret locations for getting just the right photo with you, your family, or your friends. Aaron walks you around downtown Jackson and shows you where all the best spots are for your family photo and social media sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Find all the wildlife around Jackson with: Get 50 Wildlife Hotspots book on Amazon:  
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How to Repair Stripped Rear License Plate Screws Toyota Tacoma

Are your license plate screws stripped on your Toyota Tacoma or other truck? Aaron shows the best way to permanently fix the stripped holes. He also shows the $0.02 repair as well as another option to fix those pesky stripped license plate screws on your Toyota Tacoma or other pickup/truck. This link started me down the best repair path:  
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BEST Alaska Wildlife & Ecology Guidebook

There’s a new guidebook out for Alaska and it’s one of the best out there. Aaron recently came across the book Alaska: Illustrated Guide for the Curious. It has the most common animals, plants, fish, marine mammals, and ecology info for your visit to Alaska. Whether you’re going on a cruise or driving through the biggest state in America, you’ll wonder what the tracks are, what that animal you saw is running across the road, and how you can learn more about them. This book is very reasonably priced and quite fun! Get the Alaska guidebook on Amazon: Get
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BEST Grand Teton WILDLIFE GUIDEBOOK: Review 50 Wildlife Hotspots Review

When you go to Grand Teton, you go to see the mountains and beautiful lakes. Quickly you’ll find out that Grand Teton is the home to the most iconic wildlife in North America. How do you find all the animals you’re looking for in the most likely places? There’s a new guidebook out that tells you where to go and how to find them. Watch this video to learn more. Get 50 Wildlife Hotspots on Amazon: Get the Nikon D850 on Amazon: Get the Nikon 80-400 on Amazon: Check out the Teton Photography Club:
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7 TIPS – How to Use Trekking Poles Like a Pro

You see people using trekking poles. You see people recommending trekking poles. They look simple enough. But are they? What can they really do for you? Aaron has used them on multiple expeditions and countless hikes. Watch to see the value and learn his 5 tips for use. Plus – remove the plastic cap from the tip! The tip is tungsten carbide and won’t slip on nearly anything. The plastic cap is there only to protect your other stuff from being stabbed by the carbide tip. Proper vertical position Proper angle Proper wrist strap technique Uphill technique Downhill technique BONUS
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How to make running shoes last 200% longer

Running shoes are expensive. Is it possible to make them last longer? Aaron has literally spent $1000’s over the years running 1000’s of miles. He has learned a couple of tricks or hacks on how to make his running shoes last longer. He explains the main trick and then a couple of extra pointers to help you get more out of your running shoe miles. Link to Men’s Asics Kayano 25 on Amazon: Link to Women’s Asics Kayano 25 on Amazon: Link to Superfeet footbeds: Articles about other last-longer techniques: Rotation techniques: Make shoes last longer:
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End running knee pain with these 2 tricks

Have you developed knee pain from running but somehow want to keep running? Aaron developed this problem over a decade ago. He would be out running and knee pain would hit. He had to walk 5 miles home because it hurt too much. He found two techniques or hacks that helped him keep running well into his forties without knee pain! It’s all about a secret workout and a ball of foot rather than heel strike! Link to Men’s Asics Kayano 25 on Amazon: Link to Women’s Asics Kayano 25 on Amazon: Link to Superfeet footbeds:
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Best sleeping bag liner – Review Sea to summit Thermolite

Extend your sleeping bag warmth with this liner. Aaron has used his for nearly 20 years and it really does work. It gives you 5 degrees extra warmth so you don’t have to own so many sleeping bags. It can also be used as an absurdly small travel sleeping bag when you’re backpacking Europe or Asia if your sheets aren’t all that clean. Check it out. Get the Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite liner on Amazon: Get Adventure Expedition One on Amazon:  
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Best sleeping bag compression sack – Review Sea Summit eVent

Aaron has used the Sea to Summit Event compression dry sack on multiple expeditions around the world to protect his sleeping bags. He talks about his experience with them and why you might consider using them for your trips where protecting your sleeping bag matters. Get the Sea to Summit Event Compression Dry Sack at Amazon here: Other bags Aaron has used: Get the Sea to Summit Waterproof bags at Amazon here: Get the Sea to Summit Sil-Nylon bags at Amazon here: Get Adventure Expedition One on Amazon:  
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Best security camera system? Review Amazon Blink XT cameras

When you are considering security cameras for your come, there are a huge number of choices. In fact, there are so many that people overload and give up. Consider the Blink cameras from Amazon. They work pretty well and are completely wireless. They’re controlled by an app from your smartphone, so you can check on your home from anywhere in the world. Note that they are a consumer system, so they’re not safety-critical, nor do they connect with an alarm company. Watch Aaron’s review to see if they might work for you. Link to Blink system on Amazon: Link
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