Denali 2017

Climbing Denali 2017

Denali 2017I’m going to climb Denali in May 2017. I would love if any sponsors would like to sign on to my expedition. Join me on an adventure to the top of North America.

I hope the weather is relatively stable, unlike last year. Several climbers lost fingers and toes to frostbite. One lost his life in a ski accident. I turned back because I didn’t want to suffer the same fate.

I’m editing the book about last year’s expedition titled: Lost At Windy Corner. This location is infamous for 100MPH winds. I enjoyed several face-fulls of flying ice and rock. The shower of marble-sized rocks hitting my helmet even gave me a headache.

That said, Denali is spectacular and beautiful. If you can, it’s worth flying into and landing on the glacier to experience just how huge the Alaska Range really is.

Sponsor Aaron Linsdau

Sponsor Aaron on this expedition by donating through Paypal.

Denali 2017 Sponsor Levels

Each level of sponsorship above another level includes all of the items below plus what that level provides.

  • All amounts: Name on the sponsorship list.
  • $50+: Free copy of my forthcoming book, Lost at Windy Corner, the story of my 2016 Denali expedition. Each chapter ends with a universal message directed at business and personal experiences, including exercises to help readers evaluate the values of grit, courage, and attitude.
  • $100+: Signed photograph of Aaron on the highest point of Denali he reaches
  • $300+: Special shadowbox thank you certificate with a secret item included in the shadow box.
  • $500+: Satellite phone call from Denali at 14k camp.
  • $2000+: Naming rights for the expedition.

Denali 2017 Sponsors

A big thank you to all the sponsors of my 2017 Denali expedition!

  • Patti Wagner
  • Roy Akira Takeda
  • Frank Silva & Carlsbad, CA Rotary Club
  • Kelly Gaffney
  • Tim and Vicki Linsdau
  • Nancy Takeda
  • Vicky Bott
  • Linda Scherwinski

Climb on, be safe, and stay motivated in whatever you do!