Polar Principles – Leadership Achievement

Polar Principles – Leadership Achievement

Polar Principles – Leadership Achievement are critical to your success. Rarely do you want to be surprised by anything as a leader. How will you help your organization and yourself achieve your goals? Mind these things and you’ll be positioned for success.

Place caches to ensure the future

Have you placed a resource cache to secure your future? When you are crossing the unknown void, the only way you’ll survive is if you have cached supplies. When the cache (cash) is lost or runs out, you are done.

Count the toilet paper squares

Do you have a resource meter? If you run out of supplies in Antarctica, it may not just be the end of your expedition. It may be the end of your life. Or at least your comfort. Watch your resource meter like a hawk.

Keep water warm overnight

If you prepare your water at night, and don’t set it up to manage itself overnight when you’re not watching, the water will be solid. How will you set up your most precious items so they’re safe when you’re not watching? When you leave something too long, unfreezing it becomes costly and time consuming. If you let things freeze over too often, they’ll start to develop a freezer burn taste.

Mind your compass

polar principles - leadership achievementBecoming lost in Antarctica during a whiteout takes only seconds. If your compass is broken, and the GPS fails, you are, again dead. Be obsessed with going the right direction. However, don’t ignore interesting opportunities. It might be valuable meteorites, space aliens, or they might just be a trash bag.

Plot your position

Are you headed for a crevasse zone? Are you marching toward the abyss? Do you know where your organization stands? Things change fast today. Tomorrow your company may be out of business. Knowing where you are and what’s out there will help you navigate hazards.

No untested weapons in the field

I violated this rule going to Antarctica. An untested weapon (tool) nearly cost me my expedition. I never thought how important it was until I broke it. Look at the tools you’re carrying with you. What are the tools keeping you alive that, if they break, will break you? Are these tools truly solid?

Eat your butter

There are some unappetizing things you have to eat to explore polar climates. Are you eating (learning) enough of the right thing to keep you moving forward? These things might not taste good, but they’ll keep you fueled to achieve your goals. Aaron’s Polar Principles – Leadership Achievement helps you understand this.

Poisoned salami

Items you’re carrying to keep you going might in fact prevent you from going anywhere. What if you were relying on something to keep you alive that in fact might end your life? Look at the things in your organization and life. Smell them. Maybe that weight you’re carrying to keep you strong might in fact ruin you when you need it most.

Drag your tire hard, drag it early

Waiting to the last minute to perform proper training is a sure recipe for disaster. Dedicate yourself to tough training now. When it comes to game day, you’ll be the best you can be and have the best chance of success.

Cheer on the hurricane

Weather will turn nasty. It could rip your shelter to shreds. You knew it was coming. Did you prepare properly? Embrace the storm, as it will reveal weaknesses you didn’t notice otherwise. Fix them before the next storm arrives.

Decide under pressure

When you are in the middle of an expedition, you might have to change your objectives. Maybe you have to completely rethink your goals. Do you have a solid technique for evaluating goals under pressure?

Plans rarely survive the first battle

If someone asks, “Are you ready for this challenge?” The honest answer is, “I think so.” Their response would then be, “I’d be a lot more than ‘I think so’.” Your closing response is, “You always like to believe you’re ready until you’re actually out there. It rarely works out the first time.” Be ready to adapt to new conditions, information, and situations.

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Polar Principles - Leadership Achievement