Kilimanjaro 2016

Kilimanjaro 2016

Kilimanjaro 2016

Climbers ascending a glacier

Aaron’s Kilimanjaro 2016 expedition will happen in November 2016. He will climb Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa. He will be climbing “Kili” with Randall “Randy” Peeters. Randy holds a rare title: Explorers Grand Slam. He has been to both the North and South Poles, as well as have climbed the Seven Summits. These are the highest points on every continent. Randy authored the book, Journeys to the Edge, in which he wrote about his expeditions around the world.

Kilimanjaro 2016Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania in eastern Africa. The mountain body straddles the border of Kenya and Tanzania. It’s common for climbers to fly into either country and begin their ascent of the mountain. Kili, as it’s called by the climbing community, lies near the equator.

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The first climbers in recorded history to reach the summit were Ludwig Purtscheller and Hans Meyer and in 1889. Kilimanjaro is an important mountain in determining what is happening on the planet. Even though it is near the equator, it does have glaciers on it. However, these have been shrinking in the last few decades and are expected to fully disappear by 2030 ( .

Kilimanjaro is also the tallest volcano in Africa. Only the volcanos in South America are taller, making Kilimanjaro a unique feature in the otherwise flat area that it occupies. The mountain has been known by the ancient peoples in both Kenya and Tanzania. However, there is no official record if the mountain was successfully climbed before 1889. Several attempts were made in the mid-1800’s but were turned around for numerous reasons, including ice and poor weather.

Though the climb is not as technically challenging as those in the Himilayas or Andes, it’s still possible to run into problems on the mountain. Most climbers suffer from some sort of altitude sickness. This expedition is designed to climb Kilimanjaro slowly and safely which should prevent any serious altitude sickness.

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