North Pole 2017 Expedition

North Pole 2017Aaron has begun training for an expedition named North Pole 2017 in Spring 2017. After solo skiing to the South Pole in 2013, Aaron is attempting to be the only American to have skied solo to both poles.

Trekking to the North Pole is said to be the most difficult expedition on earth, surpassing long distance treks to the South Pole and climbing Everest. This is due to travel on floating ice in the Arctic Ocean. Open water leads, polar bears, and extremely cold conditions are all challenges expeditions face while trying for the North Pole.

Aaron is focused on creating a successful expedition for sponsorship partners. He trains hard and has a constant eye on safety. If conditions are dangerous, he makes the necessary adjustments, as he did on his Denali expedition in May 2016.

The North Pole and What It Takes

Denali Climb 2016Aaron has already begun his training program for his North Pole 2017 trek. The tougher the training, the more prepared one will be for this journey. Aaron is using a mountain hard-man training program to strengthen for this expedition. Traveling across ice pans requires consistent exercise, workouts in bad weather, and some luck.

Normal trekking days in the Arctic are 8-12 hours. He will tow all 330 pounds of his gear, provisions, and emergency supplies in a sled. The cold weather gear is similar to Antarctica, except that everything has to be synthetic. The moist air in the North Pole makes down unusable.

The last time Aaron was in the Arctic was 2008. He trekked from Kangerlussuaq to Sismiut over the Arctic Circle Trail in September and October. He experienced blizzards, semi-frozen river crossings, and deep snow throughout the expedition.

If Aaron is successful, he will become the first and only American to have solo skied to the South Pole and North Pole.

Expedition Information for North Pole 2017

North Pole 2017
Satellite Image of route

Aaron plans to fly to Ward Hut Island in Canada on a charter aircraft in March 2017. He will then make his way across the 480 miles to the North Pole as fast as he can. Ice in the Arctic is breaking up earlier each year, so there is only a small window to succeed. Aaron will be picked up by a Twin Otter aircraft at the North Pole and flown back to Canada.

See the NASA satellite image at the right for Aaron’s planned route across the Arctic Ocean. The sea ice coverage has dropped so low that it may not be possible to do this expedition in the very near future. Departures from land on the Russian side on Cape Arktichevsky are impossible except in winter. Leaving from land is very important, as it’s like flying half way up a mountain then claiming to climb it. Even if the difference is 30 miles, a land start is critical to the value of this expedition.

North Pole 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

North Pole 2017

Aaron is seeking out partners for his North Pole 2017  as sponsors. Aaron will be happy to speak with you about a customized promotional opportunity and sponsorship package to suit your needs.

There are several sponsor levels available to you and your organization:

  • Individual $10-$500
  • Expedition Supporter $500
  • Silver Sponsor $10,000
  • Gold Sponsor $50,000
  • Arctic Sponsor $200,000

North Pole 2017

Become an an Expedition sponsor today for North Pole 2017!

Become part of history as Aaron attempts to be the first American to solo to the North Pole after having skied alone to the South Pole. If you wish to mail a check, please send it to: PO Box 1297, Jackson, WY 83001.

Sponsorship Benefits Information for North Pole 2017

Each sponsor level has its unique benefits to you and your organization. Contact Aaron for more information.

Individual $10-$500

  • Name displayed on the Expedition Website
  • Link to your website, social media page, etc.
  • Signed photograph from Aaron taken while trekking in the Arctic ($50+)

It takes many people to help someone climb a mountain. Every supporter, whatever size, helps. Be part of this historic Expedition!

Expedition Supporter $500

Expedition Supporters enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your name will be displayed as an Expedition Supporter on the Expedition Website
  • Link to your website, social media page, etc.
  • Company name will be displayed at speaking engagements
  • Signed photograph from Aaron taken while in the Arctic

Silver Sponsor $10,000

Silver Sponsors enjoy the following benefits:

  • Small corporate name, logo, and link will be displayed as Silver Sponsor on Expedition Website
  • Corporate name sticker on piece of gear
  • Corporate logo (small) will be displayed at speaking engagements
  • Receive 1 satellite call from summit or high camp
  • Signed photographs (3) from Aaron taken while in the Arctic

Gold Sponsor $50,000

Gold Sponsors enjoy the following benefits:

  • Large corporate name, logo, and link will be displayed as Gold Sponsor on Expedition Website
  • Corporate logo will be used in pictures and video during Expedition
  • Company logo (large) will be displayed at speaking engagements
  • Corporate logo patch worn on right arm (2″x2″)
  • Corporate logo patch on travel equipment and baggage (2″x2″)
  • Receive 2 satellite calls from summit and/or high camp
  • Signed photographs (5) from Aaron taken while in the Arctic

Arctic Sponsor $200,000

North Pole 2017 Sponsors enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exclusive naming rights to the Expedition
  • The corporate logo and name will appear on the Expedition logo, sticker, and patch
  • Full speaking engagement at your company after the Expedition
  • Regular updates via satellite phone calls from the Arctic during the Expedition, including farthest north point up to and including North Pole
  • Company logo (1/2 page) will be displayed at speaking engagements
  • Corporate logo will be used in pictures and video during Expedition
  • Corporate flag (24″x10″) will be displayed at camps & summit with photos and video
  • Multiple video clips will be provided with corporate name used in dialog describing Expedition
  • Corporate name displayed prominently in the Expedition documentary film
  • Corporate name and logo displayed at the opening of the Expedition documentary film
  • Corporate logo patch on travel equipment, baggage (4″x4″)
  • Premium logo on clothing on left chest, right knee, some clothing (4″x4″)
  • Corporate name used in all dispatches, press releases, and promotional material
  • Corporate logo silkscreen on tent (50% of sidewall area)
  • Corporate logo and link displayed at the top of the Expedition page
  • Signed photographs (10) from Aaron taken while trekking in the Arctic

Join a part of history today!

North Pole 2017

Financial Information for North Pole 2017

Note: If enough sponsorship funds are not raised before the expedition deadline, the sponsor funds will be placed in an account for an attempt on the North Pole in subsequent years.

Individual Supporters

  • Kelly Gaffney
  • Nancy Takeda
  • Tim and Vicki Linsdau