Top 13 Reasons to Book Aaron Linsdau

Top 13 reason to book Aaron Linsdau

Reasons to book Aaron

Battle hardened

When you are looking for a motivational speaker, what do you look for? Someone who has followed someone else? Or do you want someone who has had his life dependent on his decisions?

Here are Top 13 Reasons to Book Aaron Linsdau for your speaking needs:

  1. Aaron is the second only American to ski to the South Pole alone. 1000’s have stood on Everest.
  2. He knows how to keep going when everything goes wrong.
  3. Aaron had to have deep, peculiar motivation to want to spend 3 months alone in the worst place in the world and pay for the privilege of doing it.
  4. He’s experienced bitter disappointment from plans falling apart and still recovered to achieve success.
  5. When everything is going wrong, he can put on a smiling face and send uplifting podcasts from the middle of Antarctica.
  6. Aaron has forced himself across ice choked rivers in Arctic to achieve his goals, even though his body screamed out that he should quit and leave Greenland.
  7. Aaron developed techniques in the field to deal with despair used them to drive himself to achievement.
  8. He balances his focus between both short-term and long-term goals, and shares how to do the same.
  9. He has been alone in the wilderness with difficult decisions, physical and moral.
  10. Aaron has been on the edge of destruction and knows how to maneuver around the obstacles.
  11. Aaron is an Eagle Scout. It takes real motivation as a teenager to work through a challenging program, maintain top grades, and be a starter on his high school varsity volleyball team.
  12. Aaron has struggled with asthma, allergies, and still keeps a positive attitude about things he has no control over.
  13. Aaron had to wake up in -45 deg F weather, make breakfast, and go out into 40MPH winds – that takes motivation!

Top 13 Reasons to Book Aaron LinsdauThese Top 13 Reasons to Book Aaron Linsdau help you understand the value he will bring to your next event. Have your event attendees stare wide-eyed, with their mouths hanging open, at his stories.

Book Aaron when you need a motivational speaker who has faced the difficult challenges, one who has been on the edge. It’s easy when someone else is doing the planning, putting in the extra effort, and can show you up the mountain. But as a leader, you are the one facing out into the limitless void. These Top 13 Reasons to Book Aaron Linsdau show you that Aaron has been there and shares what it’s like, how it relates to you, and what you can do with that understanding.

Top 13 Reasons to Book Aaron Linsdau“Never Give Up!”

Top 13 Reasons to Book Aaron Linsdau  – why call anyone else?