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Lighter for the stove in Antarctica

I used a modern version of the ancient flint and steel to light my stove every day in Antarctica. It would take a little bit of effort to get it going, depending on how well I hit the fumes with the sparks. But there was nothing to ever go wrong. Altitude affects lighters. Flint and steel doesn’t even notice. A spark is a spark. When wet, it still works, unlike matches. Even if I broke the little handle holding the flint and the steel blade was dulled, I could still make sparks with my knife. And, of course, I brought
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Towing a tire with an inline bungee

After a lot of punishment to my back last summer prior to my expedition, I was getting tired of having expensive bungees wear out, get snagged, and crank on my body. After research and seeing what other people have done, I cut this little video to show how the bungee is actually integrated with the line, cutting the hard edge of having the rope hit you.  It’s easy to do. For those towing tires or sleds for cardio and leg training, this is a great way kick your butt and get it in shape.  And, you won’t hurt your back from rope
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