7 TIPS – How to Use Trekking Poles Like a Pro

You see people using trekking poles. You see people recommending trekking poles. They look simple enough. But are they? What can they really do for you? Aaron has used them on multiple expeditions and countless hikes. Watch to see the value and learn his 5 tips for use. Plus – remove the plastic cap from the tip! The tip is tungsten carbide and won’t slip on nearly anything. The plastic cap is there only to protect your other stuff from being stabbed by the carbide tip.

  • Proper vertical position
  • Proper angle
  • Proper wrist strap technique
  • Uphill technique
  • Downhill technique
  • BONUS TECHNIQUE #1 – Must watch!
  • BONUS TECHNIQUE #2 – Must watch!

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Adventure Expedition One

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