Adventure Resume

Certifications and Awards

Wilderness Medicine Institute / NOLS – Wilderness First Aid (Dec 2011)Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of AmericaOutstanding Eagle Scout Award, National Eagle Scout AssociationAmerican Alpine Club Member


Mt. Borah, ID (ID highpoint), Sep 25, 2022

Denali, AK, May 5-14, 2022

Mt. Elbert, CO (CO highpoint), Aug 9, 2019

Wheeler Peak, NM (NM highpoint) Aug 5, 2019

Black Butte, OK (OK highpoint), Aug 4, 2019

Mt. Sunflower, KS (KS highpoint), Aug 3, 2019

Panorama Point, NE (NE highpoint), Aug 1, 2019

Gannett Peak, WY (Wind River Range, WY highpoint), Jul 21, 2019

Teewinot (Tetons, WY) (12,326 ft), Sep 22, 2018

Grand Teton (Tetons, WY) (13,776 ft), July 24, 2018

Mt. Whitney (Sierras, CA highpoint, lower 48 highpoint) (14,496 ft) summit, September 18, 2006

Expeditions and treks

Greenland Artic Circle Icecap Crossing, 310 miles (499km), (Kulusuk, Tasilaq, Arctic Circle icecap, Kangerlussuaq, Nuuk), April 19-June 3, 2023

Denali, Alaska, May 2022 (solo attempt)

Yellowstone winter expedition March 2021

Yellowstone winter expedition Jan 2020

Mt. Elbrus, Russia, Aug 2018, Summit Aug 20, 2018

Denali, Alaska, May 2017 (solo attempt)

Denali, Alaska, May 2016 (solo attempt)

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Nov 2014

Orizaba, Mexico, Nov 2013

Antarctica Hercules Inlet start
Trek over the Antarctic plateau from the Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice Shelf to the South Pole

Distance: 720 miles, -45 degrees F, elev. 500 ft to 9,301 ft

Round-trip Yellowstone
Expedition to Old Faithful from South Entrance, 85 miles ski, Dec 24-Jan 3, 2011-2012

Distance: 82 miles, -20 degrees F, elev. +/- ~7k ft (est)

In this latest trek through Yellowstone, several critical pieces of equipment were changed in order to improve speed, reduce weight, and, ultimately, to prepare for Antarctica. The Wilderness Engineering sled was swapped for two Paris expedition sleds, cutting several pounds out. The Rossignol patterned skis were dropped in favor of the preferred Antarctic Asnes Nansen skis with half-length skins, and the tent was upgraded to a Hilleberg Nammatj 2. The biggest problem faced this year was the lack of snow. The park service would not issue me a permit for ski travel north of either Lake or Old Faithful, as wheeled vehicles were still traveling on the road. I forged on to Old Faithful and enjoyed the time there, getting three mountain passes in both going in and coming out. More than once, I ran across fresh grizzly tracks. This was scarier than any bad weather I ever have run into. Countless hours of night travel were required for this trek.

Golden Trout Wilderness, Central Wilderness Grand Tour 80 miles, Sep 2-6, 2011

Distance: 79 miles, summer conditions, elev. +/- 10,690 ft

Considered a week-long trek, I was able to enjoy vast swaths of the Golden Trout Wilderness in four days using ultra-light backpacking equipment. The base pack weight was 13 pounds, with 1.75 pounds of food per day. The Redrock Creek section was chest-high overgrown with thorny bramble for nearly 2 miles.

Hike up San Gorgonio, heavy snow, light storm, Apr 23, 2011Cross country ski up Mount San Jacinto, Apr 2, 2011Round-trip Yellowstone Expedition to Lake from South Entrance, 92 miles ski, Jan 5-11, 2011

Distance: 92 miles, -20 degrees F, elev. +/- ~7k ft (?)

After learning last year about mounting the sled on skis for easier soft-snow travel, this year’s expedition into Yellowstone was less difficult with respect to equipment. Also, the correct skis were acquired, making travel far easier than with snow shoes. There was significant snow this year as well. As I was warned, the ascent from Flagg Ranch to the Continental Divide was exceedingly strenuous but never the less enjoyable. Several hours were spent traveling every night.

Eastern Sierra, Symmes Creek trailhead over Shepherd pass, Forrester pass, Kearsarge Pass, 28 miles, 13,000 foot gain, 26 hours straight, Aug 28-29, 2010

Distance: 28 miles, 13,000 foot gain, 26 hours straight through

This was an overnight “getting ugly session”. The goal was to see how my body and mind would react to fatigue, overnight travel and high altitude.

Sequoia, Mineral King, Mosquito Lakes, 6 miles, Aug 14-16, 2010

North to south Yellowstone Expedition, 105 miles snowshoe, Dec 28, 2009 – Jan 3, 2010

Distance: 105 miles, -45 degrees F, elev. +/- ~10k ft (?)

Trekking across Yellowstone on skis is not easy. Having the wrong skis and a sled with horrible drag makes it all the more interesting. I was not able to test my ski and sled rig until I made it to Jackson, WY (from San Diego, CA). The skis were the wrong size and the sled cut into the soft snow, creating unbelievable drag. It was too late to make changes, so I went anyway. I was reduced to using snow shoes to cross the entire park. It was an excellent test to see if I could suffer through grueling weather and pitiful progress. Traveling at night for hours also toughened my mental resolve.

Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park, Oct 30 – Nov 1, 2009

Sequoia National Park, Dead Man Canyon via Silliman Pass to Elizabeth Pass, 52 miles, Sep 5-7, 2009

Kings Canyon, Granite Pass to Kennedy Pass, 38 miles, July 18-20, 2009

San Gorgonio snow backpack, April 18-19, 2009

Greenland, Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut, Arctic Circle TrailDenmarkSweden, Sep 23, 2008 to Oct 8, 2008

Distance: 102 miles, -25 degrees F, elev. +/- ~7k ft (?)

My first major trek into the Arctic was in Greenland. I arrived to do this trip nearly a month later than normal. This afforded me the experience of being alone in the Arctic tundra for 9 days, slogging through days of post-holing thigh-deep snow, making multiple semi-frozen river crossings, and navigating in unfamiliar geography with dramatic compass declinations. Experiencing an almost complete soaking of all my gear during a blizzard on day two, I was able to recover and complete the trip.

Sequoia National Park, cold weather gear testing, April 4-6, 2008

Argentina and Chile, Patagonia, Buenos Aires, Tierra Del Fuego, Dec 30, 2007 to Jan 13, 2008

Kings Canyon National Park, 44 mile backpack, August 25-26, 2007

Sequoia cross country ski and snow/ice stock photo trip, March 9-11, 2007

Mt. Whitney (14,496 ft) summit, September 18, 2006

Sequoia National Park Hocket Meadow backpack, July 1 – July 3, 2006

Mt. Whitney (14,496 ft) single-day summit bid, failed (again!) due to snow, Lone Pine, CA, Dec 23, 2005

Sequoia National Park, Bear Paw Loop over Timber Gap, Mineral King, September 2-4, 2005

Mineral King, Sequoia 30 mile backpack, July 3-5, 2004

Mt. Whitney (14,496 ft) summit bid, failed due to snow/weather, Lone Pine, CA, Nov 15, 2003