Achieved overtraining

Finally! I’ve achieved overtraining. It’s not really a positive accomplishment in the regimen but it tells me where the absolute limit is.
My foot is hurting a bit after doing a 3 hour tow on Saturday and then a 9 mile run on Sunday. About 1/3 of the way through the run, my foot started hurting a little bit. It wasn’t incapacitating but it was noticeable. I can still feel it today.
A little visit to the doctor confirmed that nothing was broken – a far greater worry!
This experience tells me that when my muscles are very sore from a tough training session, I’m going to have to lay off for a day or two until things calm down a bit. As it is, another muscle that’s never bothered me before is still quite sore.
Ramping up for the run to Yellowstone is going to be quite a challenge. Staying injury-free is the most important thing, as if I’m hurt, nothing happens and another year passes.

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