Alaska wisdom

A few words of wisdom from Alaska guide Willi Prittie with 38 years of experience on

Willi Prittie

Willi Prittie, Talkeetna, Alaska

National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Alaska Survival:

Some of the best things in life – you can’t plan for, because you have no idea they’re going to be there.  They just happen.  And to be open to those kinds of experiences in your life really is a great deal why so many of us enjoy the back country and the wilderness.  Because so much happens – that’s life, that’s real, that you can’t plan for. – Willi Prittie

Willi is 57 years old and he really looks like he’s spent serious time in the Alaskan back country.  He said what so many, including myself, have had trouble elucidating why people go out and experience the wilderness.

There is the old saying, “For those who understand, no explanation is necessary.  For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.”  At first, this saying entertained me.  But, thinking about it more, it is off-putting to someone asking an honest question.  And, as seen above, Willi did a good job of sharing just why.

Part of my book, Antarctic Tears, will explore this topic further.  Explaining why I found it enjoyable to spend great time, effort and money on my Antarctic expedition is a challenge but I hope to be up to it and share that with others.

I’d like to post a clip of Willi saying this on Youtube, but copyright infringement is generally frowned upon.  If I can find it legitimately on the National Geographic website, I’ll link to it.  The above screen capture is from using a video camera to film the image on my television.

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