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Review Limostudio 5in1 Light – Great for Youtube and Photography

To create videos in your YouTube studio, you need light. And a lot of it. Aaron reviews the Limostudio 5-light bulb head for you. He’ll show how it works, what the advantages are, how much it weighs, and why it’s worth considering. This would also be useful for home studio product photography, too. Get items from this video at Amazon: LimoStudio 5in1 Speedlamp head: Feit LED bulbs, 5000k, 17W power, 100W equivalent:
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You can’t fly after Oct 1, 2020 without this – REAL ID Warning

If you do not have a REAL ID act compliant drivers license, you will not be able to use it to fly after Oct 1, 2020. You must provide multiple proofs of identification, residency, and other documentation. Check the links below and get ready for travelmagedon in early October as people arrive at airports with a REAL ID compliant drivers license.
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Keron 3 GT Tent Initial Impressions

Aaron just received his Hilleberg Keron 3 GT tent and wanted to share it with you. This is what he’ll use as a team to ski into Yellowstone and also to cross the Greenland icecap. The tent is massive but it’s easy for a single person to pitch. Aaron shows the features and what it’s like inside, the zippers, etc. Get the Hilleberg Keron 3 GT tent here:
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How to make FCPX Credits and Titles in Indesign

Aaron shows you how to use the text engine in Adobe Indesign to make title or credit sequences quickly. If you need to make a change, you can make changes to the text in one shot. This works great when you have a dozen or more credit or title sequences. Once you get this set up, it’s incredibly quick to make changes. You can change the font or size of dozens to hundreds of titles or names super quickly. NOTE – The credits look great. They look blocky because I’m doing a screen capture. They look as good as FCPX
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Black Diamond Speed 40 Pack Review In-Depth

Aaron reviews the Black Diamond Speed 40 Pack. This is an excellent summit day pack as well as a general adventure pack. He talks about the different features and shows items on the pack to give you a better idea of its fit and function. Black Diamond Speed 40 pack: Black Diamond Venom: Black Diamond Raven Pro: Grivel Crampons: Black Diamond Crampon bag: Black Diamond Half Dome helmet: Petzl ice screws: Camp nano 22 carabiner: Petzl Ascender: Black diamond carabiner: Note – the pack color is slightly different than in
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Powerex MH-C980 Turbo Charger Analyzer Review—Charges Fast and Gives Real Capacity

There is a new battery charger that can charge 8 batteries independently and give you real capacity. You can see exactly how much life is left in your AA/AAA batteries. No more guesswork for your critical work. Get items from this video at Amazon: Powerex MH-C980 Charger: Powerex AA batteries: Powerex AAA batteries: Powerex MH-C801D Charger: Eneloop AA batteries: Additional items: Aaron’s MH-C801D review:
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