Can London and Paris be seen in one week and enjoyed?

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Aaron has traveled to Europe many times and has visited both London and Paris. He recently received a video request to talk about what to see, how to be safe, and how to manage a week-long trip to London and Paris. If you had three days in each city with a travel day in between, what would you go see? Aaron shares his safety and American insider travel tips into both cities.

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Underground Oyster Card – get it in Airport or Kings Cross. There’s a travel card but depending on how you get around, I found the Oyster to be a better deal.

Top sights: Tower of London, Tower Bridge, London Bridge Experience, Buckingham palace (summer tours available), Westminster Abby (lots of dead kings/queens), Big Ben, Parliament – go over the bridge. Skip the London Eye – it’s a time eater. British Museum, see the Shard (tallest building in Europe), Natural History Museum, British Museum-Free! (thorn from Crown of Thorns)

I stayed at The Grand at Trafalgar Square. It’s not cheap, but the location is incredible and the tube is right around the corner.

Eat at The Clarence, Whitehall – The Sticky toffee pudding is the Best!!
Eat the classic British breakfast, embrace it.

Learn please, hello, thank you. S’l vous plait, bonjour, bonsoir, merci.

Carte Musee in paris

Paris Metro – Paris Visite Pass – 1 day is 13.2 Euros

Top sights: Eiffel Tower at sunset, Louvre, on to Tuileries Garden, check out the Egyptian obelisk, then Champs Elysees, Arc d’Triomphe, Versailles, Notre Dame (not really), walk on the Seinne, Rue Cler (7-5pm), Sainte Chapelle, if you have time, Jardin du Luxembourg. If you like catacombs, there’s a main one – very cool, but not for the claustrophobic. Musee d’Orsay, Pantheon.

Versailles 2/3 of a day – a must.
Louve cafes – $9 coke. Get used to water with gas.

Stay in Latin Quarter, but food isn’t that great for dinner. Paris is broken into Arrondissements. Hotel Rives, Hotel Eugene, etc. Both have European breakfast of meats/cheeses/juice. Take some cheese for the road. Across from Eugene is a bakery. Yum! Some do suck, bed bugs, etc.

In Aug, it can be hot and Parisians leave the city. Learn the Metro, get a metro map, you’ll move much faster.


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