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The Scouting program is the most prominent in the United States and most well-known around the world. It has taught millions of boys and helped them to become men. The program also teaches life-saving techniques. Aaron and Tim talk about one story of a Boy Scout who did just this. Note – the new program is called Scouts USA which allows girls to join in separate troops to enjoy the same valuable program.
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What’s it like to climb MT. ELBRUS in RUSSIA? Was it TOUGH?

You better believe climbing Mt. Elbrus in Russia is tough. Just getting to Russia can be a major challenge. You have to secure a Visa way in advance, the flights are expensive, and it’s a long way around the world. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Aaron talks about the experience. Amazon links to things Aaron talks about in this video: Lithium AA batteries: Journeys to the Edge by Randall Peeters: Visa company Aaron used: Pilgrim Tours:    
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Climbing MOUNT WHITNEY – What is it like? Is it that tough?

What is it like to climb Mt. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states? It’s 14,505 feet tall. It’s nowhere near as tall as Denali (20,303 feet) in Alaska, the tallest mountain in North America and the United States. Climbing Mt. Whitney is tough but with Aaron’s suggestions and experience, you can success. Check out Aaron’s book on expeditions at to help you get started:
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Death March Zombie

Death March Spawns Zombie Ride What is this death march and how will it spawn a zombie ride you ask? Great question. It’s tentatively planned to start Aug 9 at 7am from Granite Canyon trailhead, planned for near a full moon, weather dependent. I have been pondering doing this for some time, well after I have already backpacked the Teton Crest Trail. I always thought it would be interesting to do this in a straight-through, 24-hour hike. Then, to make it more interesting, I wanted to bike back from String Lake to the starting point at Granite Canyon Trailhead. If
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Ice Climbing competition photos

On February 21, 2014, Exum Mountain Guides held their 2014 Jackson Hole ice climbing competition at the Exum Ice Park just above Snow King resort. There were quite a few competitors who vied for top honors in both speed and efficiency. As there were no other photographers at the event, I thought I would stop by and take some images for the climbers and make them available for sale. For all the years that I climbed, I have very few photographs of me in action. The nice part about ice climbing is there is the good chance that ice will
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