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How to add an event – Events Manager Pro in WordPress

How do you add an event to Events Manager Pro in WordPress? Watch Aaron demonstrate this for you. WordPress is a massive platform that runs a significant chunk of the websites on the entire Internet. The interface can be daunting. Each plugin is different. Aaron will break it down and make it very easy for you to understand how to add an event. Link to Events Manager Pro:
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How to RECOVER from $100k in CRUSHING STUDENT DEBT Is it possible to save $700k when you start off with $100k in student debt? Yes, it sure is! Aaron found an article in the Jackson Hole News and Guide telling the story of how Takiia Anderson, single mother, did it. She went from crushing debt to having lots of money. This isn’t a scam, a scheme, or a system. This is how the average person can do it. Boston College Law School grad masterminds $700K swing from debt to savings Here’s the video I talked about this very topic! —
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How to buy the DECADENT AND TANTALIZING things you want

  Is there a way to purchase a huge diamond ring even though you don’t make a lot of money? Can you pay for a lavish vacation or expedition with little income? Yes. This isn’t one of those phoney schemes like working 4 hours a week and making $10,000. Nope. This is simply how I save my money for the major trips, expeditions, and things I’ve wanted in life. I share my simple secret. Check out the video and see what you think. Enjoy the World Beyond experience. Thank you for watching and please support & subscribe! — Thank you
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Avoid death in the mountains using this crampon sharpening technique

When climbing snowy mountains, sharp crampons and a reliable ice axe are the difference between life and death. A climber died on Tweeinot in 2018 because he wasn’t wearing his crampons even though he carried them. Apparently, he didn’t have an ice axe, either. This video shows you how to sharpen your crampons easily and quickly. Check out the video and see what you think. Enjoy the World Beyond experience. Thank you for watching and please support & subscribe!     — Thank you for watching my video. I hope that you will keep up with my video posts on
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How to make big progress slowly

How do you conquer climbing a mountain or completing a huge project? What’s the best way to go about it? People, including me, like to rush at the last second, taking the heroic approach. But is that the best way to go? In my experience—definitely not. When you try to rush, work through the night, and crank it out, it may seem like you succeeded. That’s not possible to keep up all the time, though. I used to work at places where we did the hero thing, multiple times a quarter. After a while, people started quitting and developing health
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SD card write protected error – How to fix it when nothing else works

Your still or video camera keeps reporting that the SD card is write protected when it’s not. You’ve tried several cards, flipped the switch back and forth, and nothing seems to work. Chances are, there’s something wrong with your camera. And this video shows a potential fix. You can try the firmware update. Some Canon users have reported that fixes the problem. Others say that Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. said send the camera in to fix for lots of money. Here’s a potential fix to your SD card write protect error. ************************************** WARNING WARNING WARNING ************************************** This technique has the
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