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The Scouting program is the most prominent in the United States and most well-known around the world. It has taught millions of boys and helped them to become men. The program also teaches life-saving techniques. Aaron and Tim talk about one story of a Boy Scout who did just this. Note – the new program is called Scouts USA which allows girls to join in separate troops to enjoy the same valuable program.
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Fourth of July, 2018

Happy Fourth of July America! Today, July 4, 2018, we celebrate our strength in unity. Great Americans throughout our short 242 eventful years have literally changed the world. Review just a few American leaders who have made the Earth a far better place to live. Enjoy what this country has to offer, whatever your perspective, and contribute your best to make America a better place.
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Thankful on Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving in 2017? Everything seems to be so terrible when the news reports things. When I speak to audiences, I gently remind people that if you look with negative glasses (TV), everything looks dark and gloomy. But if you look with a perspective of abundance and blessing, things actually look pretty darned good! What are you thankful for? I’m thankful that… I woke up alive and uninjured this morning. People in war-torn Syria didn’t. I have my health. People will lose loved ones today to cancer. I have people who love
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Speaking in Driggs

I’m excited to be speaking in Driggs, Idaho on August 9, 2017, at the senior center. I’ll talk about how to view, photograph, and enjoy the total eclipse on August 21, 2017. You want to make sure to attend this talk if you’re in the area. How will you safely view the eclipse? What’s the best way to avoid damaging your camera or your eyes? I’ll tell you how! This will be an exciting and entertaining talk. As a motivational speaker, I’ll add energy and excitement to the presentation. No boring stuff here!
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Keynote Speaker Testimonial

Thank you to Adrian Hackett for hiring me as the keynote speaker for the West Tennessee Boy Scout Council’s annual fundraising dinner. The goal of this event was to raise funds for the Boy Scout program. The objective of my talk was to integrate scouting with my message of building grit and courage while keeping a positive attitude in the face of adversity. Watch Adrian’s testimonial on what he thought about Aaron as the speaker for his event. Keynote Speaker Testimonial Adrian Hackett Working as a Keynote Speaker I wanted to make sure I delivered the message the council needed
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Consistent effort

Do a little something each day to move forward toward making your dream a reality. Some goals seem daunting if not impossible, like skiing half way across a continent. Other things take little effort, like making a phone call you’ve been putting off. Often times, all you have to do is take a simple first step. Why do we put things off for the “right time”? We’re afraid of what’ll happen. Really, there is no best time for most things. Just know that now is the best time to pursue your dream. I’m raising funds to ski across the Arctic
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Driggs Library Valley of the Teton Library talk

Thank you very much to Susie Blair and Sue O’Connor for having me speak at the Valley of the Tetons Driggs Library, Driggs, ID, branch on February 11, 2016. Under the coordination of Sue O’Connor, the Driggs, ID, library is hosting a four party speaker series on travel around the world. The speakers are: Feb 4, 2016: Charlie Otto, biking in Europe Feb 11, 2016: Aaron Linsdau, skiing alone to the South Pole Feb 18, 2016: Alena & John McIntosh, trekking in Nepal after the earthquakes Feb 25, 2016: Kara Donnelly, hiking in Peru Valley of the Tetons Driggs Library, Driggs, ID The
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KHOL Interview

I was happy to have a radio interview before my presentation at the Jackson Hole Geologist’s club meeting on Tues Feb 2, 2016. The 89.1 KHOL Interview was done in studio, so I had the chance to answer some questions on the air. This particular interview was about the specific science aspects I was going to cover for the Jackson Hole Geologists. Compared to the adventure story I presented for the Teton County Library Mountain Story program, this focused on specific scientific aspects of Antarctica: Geology Geography Magnetic vs geographic South Pole Weather Atmosphere KHOL Interview KHOL has featured me in
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Valerie Maginnis testimonial

I had the honor & pleasure of speaking on the opening night of the Teton County Library Mountain Story program on January 12, 2016. This library program is a signature event, as it opened the new year with tales of writers, film makers, adventurers, and those who live off the grid. Valerie Maginnis, library director, opened the event. My program focused on the story experience of my record-breaking expedition from the Hercules Inlet to the South Pole, a record that will be very difficult to break. No one starts off planning an expedition of 81 days to ski this particular 720 mile distance. The experience is
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Free Antarctic Tears chapter 9

Free Antarctic Tears Chapter 9 It’s an excellent day when my publisher has the same crazy thinking as me, the motivational speaker. My theory is that the more you give away to help people out, the more will come back to you. This is a truism of life. If you help enough people out, good things will boomerang. (As such, I’m posting a free Antarctic Tears chapter 9 right here.) This is what I’m going to test out with a free Antarctic Tears chapter. My goal is to post complete and free chapters from my book, Antarctic Tears. I want people to experience what it’s
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