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7 TIPS – How to Use Trekking Poles Like a Pro

You see people using trekking poles. You see people recommending trekking poles. They look simple enough. But are they? What can they really do for you? Aaron has used them on multiple expeditions and countless hikes. Watch to see the value and learn his 5 tips for use. Plus – remove the plastic cap from the tip! The tip is tungsten carbide and won’t slip on nearly anything. The plastic cap is there only to protect your other stuff from being stabbed by the carbide tip. Proper vertical position Proper angle Proper wrist strap technique Uphill technique Downhill technique BONUS
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How do you go SOLO into the WILDERNESS

Going solo in the wilderness can be a dangerous proposition. How do you prepare and plan for it? Aaron provides a quick introduction into what it takes to travel safely into the wilderness by yourself. There is a potential risk but the rewards are well worth the balance. Get Adventure Expedition One that talks about solo wilderness travel on Great article on Japanese adventurer:
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Where can you practice defying death in Jackson Hole?

Teton Boulder Park is the perfect place to practice death-defying skills in relative safety. Located at the base of Snow King mountain, this completely free and open rock climbing park is available for anyone. The town’s Parks and Recreation Department supports a weekly Town Pump climbing competition during the summer. This park is the perfect place to unleash the kids while you take a break. You can try your climbing skills on easy challenges. There are tough routes that Aaron has yet to figure out, too. There’s even a slackline set up for people to try their tightrope walking skills.
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How to make big progress slowly

How do you conquer climbing a mountain or completing a huge project? What’s the best way to go about it? People, including me, like to rush at the last second, taking the heroic approach. But is that the best way to go? In my experience—definitely not. When you try to rush, work through the night, and crank it out, it may seem like you succeeded. That’s not possible to keep up all the time, though. I used to work at places where we did the hero thing, multiple times a quarter. After a while, people started quitting and developing health
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Hack your brain for working out

Do you struggle with motivating yourself to work out? Do you want to go running but you find every excuse in the world not to do it? This video shows you the crazy simple hack for your brain to get you running. Our brains are really good at coming up with excuses not to run. Whatever it is, like cleaning the dishes, watching your favorite show, or whatever is happening up there, will stop your workout. No longer! Watch this video—it’ll show you the technique I use to overcome my brain being lazy about running.
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Drying off with snow

Drying off with snow Let’s say you decide to hike the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland, from the airport at Kangerlussuaq to the quaint town of Sismiut on the coast. The journey is over 100 miles long. You need to know about drying off with snow. But, you want to make it more interesting and decide to go at the beginning of October, when the Arctic drops below freezing. You soon discover that you have to cross many ice-choked rivers. Sometimes in blizzard conditions. Developing hypothermia or frostbite is real. Being in the Arctic is tough enough. Frostbite is common.
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Crossing an icy pond

Crossing an icy pond As a motivational speaker and polar explorer, I have to be able to walk the walk. Not just talk the talk. I’m working on psychological training for skiing to the North Pole. One of the problems is crossing open leads of water with thin ice on the Arctic ocean. How does one prepare for that? By crossing an icy pond, of course! Before I go into the discussion for my motivation and why I would do such a thing, watch the video and see for yourself. What makes crossing an icy pond fun Now that you’ve watched
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Death March successful

Death March success The Death March spawns Zombie Ride was a complete success. Hiking the Teton Crest Trail straight through was a spectacular experience. I was the only participant but, as I was told, it takes a certain mental derangement to want to do this activity. That’s okay because it’s one of the things I specialize in. Being on Paintbrush Divide at midnight was a special experience. As there is no camping allowed at Lake Solitude, it was the first time I had ever experienced real solitude at that mountainous location. The only company were the green and orange eyes
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Towing a tire with an inline bungee

After a lot of punishment to my back last summer prior to my expedition, I was getting tired of having expensive bungees wear out, get snagged, and crank on my body. After research and seeing what other people have done, I cut this little video to show how the bungee is actually integrated with the line, cutting the hard edge of having the rope hit you.  It’s easy to do. For those towing tires or sleds for cardio and leg training, this is a great way kick your butt and get it in shape.  And, you won’t hurt your back from rope
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