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Camping sub-zero in October How-To – Coal Creek Jedediah Smith Wilderness Wyoming

Aaron takes you to a sub-zero experience in Wyoming in October. He hikes on the Coal Creek Trail on the western side of Teton Pass between Jackson, WY and Victor, ID. The temperature drops well below zero for your viewing enjoyment. He shows you what it’s like to set up a camp, sleep under a tarp in sub-zero temperatures, how to handle boots and socks, and the wake-up process. He shows you how to keep your feet warm despite temperatures below your sleeping bag rating. Aaron demonstrates using the Western Mountaineering Antelope sleeping bag being used 20 degrees below its
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How to Carry an Ice Axe and Use It Properly – Learn at Home First

Aaron demonstrates the proper carry and use of an ice axe is the comfort of his back yard. This is the best place to start learning before you go out on the snow. Aaron shows a glacier and hybrid climbing ice axe, protection devices, and tricks about ice axe handling. Get these items on Amazon: Black Diamond Venom Ice Axe: Black Diamond Raven ProIce Axe: Black Diamond Ice Axe protector: Black Diamond Spike protector: Black Diamond ice axe leash: Watch my ice axe reviews: Black Diamond Raven Pro: Black Diamond Venom:
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How to Pitch a Tarp Tent With Trekking Poles

Aaron shows you how to sets up his tarp tent. He’s used this little tarp in snowstorms, rain storms, hail storms, lightning, in the Sierras, Rocky Mountains, the desert, and most anywhere else you can backpack. He shares his techniques for limiting weight and making the structure resist rain. He also shows how you DO NOT NEED guy line tensioners. Get items featured in this video on Amazon: Trail Life by Ray Jardine: Beyond Backpacking – Backpacking Light: Tarp tents: Tent stakes: Tent guyline: Leki trekking poles:
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How to Learn Survival Skills to Stay Alive

Aaron shares his process of how he learned the survival skills he’s employed on his expeditions. Survival is a messy business. It’s not attractive and the goal is simply to come home in one piece. Aaron talks about the mess of the experience and how you can start learning survival skills. Get these on Amazon (affiliate links) Adventure Expedition One: How to Stay Alive in the Woods: Survival Hacks: Boy Scout Field Guide: Boy Scout Handbook: Minus 148:  
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How to See Working Out Paying Off

  It’s hard to see the value of working out. You get all sweaty, sore, and tired. And there just doesn’t seem to be much change in your body. You have to understand that it takes time to see the payoff but it’s totally worth it. Aaron talks about his experience working out and how it’s benefited him in so many ways. If you work out, you’ll potentially see these benefits, too.
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How to Get Past Looking Like a Mess Working Out? – Fit in Your Forties

It’s hard to get past perception. Aaron gives you an idea of how to get worrying about what you look like working out. One problem people have with working out is looking bad. There is no way to look cool, sweat-free, and not looking like a mess when you’re sweating. Running, lifting, yoga, pilates (if you’re hard-core), will make you look like a wreck. In your forties, you want to make a good impression.  
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Best budget water resistant earbuds for running – Pioneer Ironman earbuds

Aaron has tried many different earbuds and earphones for running without much success. He found the Pioneer Ironman water resistant earbuds and decided to give them a try – incredible. They’ve weathered the most brutal rain on the Oregon coast during the winter. They’ve survived sunscreen leaking into them and they still work. And the price is incredible. Aaron talks about the cable, length, sound quality, water proofing, connection, options for connecting to Apple lightning devices, and how they feel in this video. Get the Pioneer Ironman earbuds at Amazon: Get the Apple 3.5mm (1/8”) to Lightning adapter at
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Fit in Your Forties – Best Time to Work Out Exercise

What’s the best time to work out for someone in their forties? Early in the morning? At midnight? On your lunch break? Aaron talks about arguably the best time of the day to consistently exercise and work out. He explains why he uses this time rather than any other part of the day. This is part of Aaron’s series of getting and staying fit in your forties. This decade should be the golden age of your life. You still have the energy to do some amazing things. You are entering the peak earning years of your life. And yet, you
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7 TIPS – How to Use Trekking Poles Like a Pro

You see people using trekking poles. You see people recommending trekking poles. They look simple enough. But are they? What can they really do for you? Aaron has used them on multiple expeditions and countless hikes. Watch to see the value and learn his 5 tips for use. Plus – remove the plastic cap from the tip! The tip is tungsten carbide and won’t slip on nearly anything. The plastic cap is there only to protect your other stuff from being stabbed by the carbide tip. Proper vertical position Proper angle Proper wrist strap technique Uphill technique Downhill technique BONUS
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How do you go SOLO into the WILDERNESS

Going solo in the wilderness can be a dangerous proposition. How do you prepare and plan for it? Aaron provides a quick introduction into what it takes to travel safely into the wilderness by yourself. There is a potential risk but the rewards are well worth the balance. Get Adventure Expedition One that talks about solo wilderness travel on Great article on Japanese adventurer:
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