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How to Get an Empty Seat Next to You on International Flights

Aaron explains how he scored an empty seat next to him twice on a 9-hour international flight to and from London. This freed up space so he and his girlfriend could stretch out and enjoy the limited space in economy class. He explains the chances of success and the best way to go about it. This doesn’t work ever time but it’s certainly worth a try. Motion sequences filmed using the DJI Osmo Pocket:
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Seattle Airport SEA Ultimate Tour with Hyperlapse (Sea-Tac)

Stressed out about traveling the Seattle International Airport known as Sea-Tac? Not sure what you’ll find past security? Aaron tours you through all Seattle airport concourses. There are large areas of space in Seattle’s airport, so the video speed has been adjusted. This should give you a good idea of how long it takes to walk each area in Seattle International. Motion sequences filmed using the DJI Osmo Pocket: Opening and closing credits filmed on Sony RX100VA:
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Best UK Power Travel Adapter With Huge 3,250W Capacity and USB Ports

  Aaron shares his favorite UK power travel adapter. It comes with multiple USB ports and US power connections. It looks pretty crazy but allows for the charging of 5 devices from a single outlet! Get items from this video at Amazon: Tessan UK Travel Adapter 2 pack: Apple 12W USB Power Adapter: This video was created with: Sony RX100 VA: Sony ICD-UX560: Polsen MO-IDL1 Lavalier Microphone:
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You can’t fly after Oct 1, 2020 without this – REAL ID Warning

If you do not have a REAL ID act compliant drivers license, you will not be able to use it to fly after Oct 1, 2020. You must provide multiple proofs of identification, residency, and other documentation. Check the links below and get ready for travelmagedon in early October as people arrive at airports with a REAL ID compliant drivers license.
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Chimney Rock Nebraska – Critical Landmark in the Western US

Aaron takes you to a critical landmark for adventurers and travelers over 100 years ago. Chimney Rock National Historic Site is definitely worth a visit. This simple stone pillar in the middle of a pasture was the marker people found when they traveled across the vast plains of young America. This was THE marker that people on the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails looked for. Aaron shares the spirit and strength these early explorers had for traveling away from the east.  
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Wyoming Colorado Nebraska Tristate Marker – Adventure to a Geographic Connection

Aaron takes you into a farm field to find the Wyoming Colorado Nebraska Tristate marker. There are actually quite a few of these around the country. They are often in remote areas that aren’t heavily traveled. This is a different and interesting quest compared to standing on the high point of every state. Due to geography, there are 62 tristate points. However, you can only stand at 38 of them. The rest are in rivers or bodies of water. Highpointers: Tristate Markers:
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How to Choose the Right Tent for Backpacking Expeditions Camping In-Depth

Aaron shows you three different tents to show you what he’s used in Antarctica, Greenland, Denali, car camping, and Yellowstone. He compares and contrasts the different styles of tents, shows how long it takes to put them up, and what each tent’s strengths and weaknesses are. He talks about multiple factors: Number of people, Capacity winter vs summer, Double vs single wall, Weight, Wind resistance, Tear resistance, Snow skirt, Ease of setup, Ventilation, Vestibule for gear, Internal height, Number of doors, Pockets, Gear hanging, Guy lines, Footprint – (biggest scam ever), is seam sealer required He also illustrates a few
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How to Wash and Travel With ONLY 2 Pair of Underwear For a Month

Aaron has traveled all over the world on 6 continents (missing Australia!) and uses only a small pack. He typically only travels with 2 pairs of underwear. How is this possible? Isn’t that gross? Nope…he has freshly washed undergarments every day. Aaron shows his washing, maintenance, and drying techniques in this video. Get items in this video at Amazon: Icebreaker Men’s Boxers: Icebreaker Women’s Underwear: ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer: ExOfficio Womens Underwear | Panties for Women | Give-N-Go Full Cut Brief:  
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Camping sub-zero in October How-To – Coal Creek Jedediah Smith Wilderness Wyoming

Aaron takes you to a sub-zero experience in Wyoming in October. He hikes on the Coal Creek Trail on the western side of Teton Pass between Jackson, WY and Victor, ID. The temperature drops well below zero for your viewing enjoyment. He shows you what it’s like to set up a camp, sleep under a tarp in sub-zero temperatures, how to handle boots and socks, and the wake-up process. He shows you how to keep your feet warm despite temperatures below your sleeping bag rating. Aaron demonstrates using the Western Mountaineering Antelope sleeping bag being used 20 degrees below its
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How to Carry an Ice Axe and Use It Properly – Learn at Home First

Aaron demonstrates the proper carry and use of an ice axe is the comfort of his back yard. This is the best place to start learning before you go out on the snow. Aaron shows a glacier and hybrid climbing ice axe, protection devices, and tricks about ice axe handling. Get these items on Amazon: Black Diamond Venom Ice Axe: Black Diamond Raven ProIce Axe: Black Diamond Ice Axe protector: Black Diamond Spike protector: Black Diamond ice axe leash: Watch my ice axe reviews: Black Diamond Raven Pro: Black Diamond Venom:
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