Celebrate small goals

Polar explorer in Bratislava: Celebrate Small Goals

celebrate small goalsPolar explorer Vilborg Arna Gissurardottir talks about how to celebrate small goals. She is the first woman from Iceland to ski 720 miles (1160km) to the South Pole alone.

Only 30 people have ever achieved this goal. What goals are you attempting to achieve? You’ll learn to celebrate small goals from Vilborg.

Vilborg’s lessons from the South Pole

“I only had to ski across each sastrugi once. Sure, there were 100’s of kilometers to cross, but each one only had to be passed once.”

“Remember that when you’re facing an unexpected problem in your project, know that you’ll learn from it. It’s not always fun while it’s happening, but once you get through, you’ll be a stronger person for it.”

“Celebrate small goals.”

“Take good care of yourself. It’s a key to success.”

Arrival at the South Pole

When Vilborg arrived at the South Pole, she arrived in a complete whiteout. I had the same thing happen. It was the strangest thing. You are only a mile or two away, yet you still can’t see the goal.

Vilborg struggled with the end of the expedition. The support camp had been removed the day before, so there was no one to cheer her on. So she thought there was no one to see her ski up to the South Pole. In her mind, she was by herself when she completed one of the greatest accomplishments in her life. But, she had a surprise waiting at the Pole…

Sometimes it’s like that. You are the only person there when you reach your goal. There are no cheerleaders. No stadium full of people. Instead, you are alone at the bottom of the world. Learning to celebrate by yourself is a valuable skill. It does keep it going. She learned how to do it. She trained herself to celebrate small goals.

Vilborg had worked on her expedition for 10 years. It took her an entire decade to put the training, logistics, and finances together. This is major dedication, beyond most anyone. Yet, she was kicked out of school several times when she was growing up. How’s that for insane?

celebrate small goalsAnd now, she’s the first woman from Iceland to ski to the South Pole alone. That’s an amazing turnaround. It’s possible to achieve great things. There will be some spectacular roadblocks along the way. But once you pass those roadblocks, you’re past them.

“If you have a dream or want to set yourself a goal – it is always worth it, no matter what other people think.”

That’s what Vilborg learned in Antarctica.

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