Consistent effort

Consistent effortDo a little something each day to move forward toward making your dream a reality. Some goals seem daunting if not impossible, like skiing half way across a continent. Other things take little effort, like making a phone call you’ve been putting off. Often times, all you have to do is take a simple first step.

Why do we put things off for the “right time”? We’re afraid of what’ll happen. Really, there is no best time for most things. Just know that now is the best time to pursue your dream. I’m raising funds to ski across the Arctic ocean to the North Pole. It’s the toughest expedition on earth. The only way I’m going to succeed is if I do a little today, regardless of all other daily obligations and distractions. It’s amazing how far you can go if you take one step, however small, each day. You can achieve your dreams with consistent effort!

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