Death March successful

Death March success

Moon over Cascade Canyon

Moon over Cascade Canyon near midnight

The Death March spawns Zombie Ride was a complete success. Hiking the Teton Crest Trail straight through was a spectacular experience. I was the only participant but, as I was told, it takes a certain mental derangement to want to do this activity. That’s okay because it’s one of the things I specialize in.

Being on Paintbrush Divide at midnight was a special experience. As there is no camping allowed at Lake Solitude, it was the first time I had ever experienced real solitude at that mountainous location. The only company were the green and orange eyes glowing in the dark, staring at me. It was a bit unnerving but it worked out okay.

I did fall asleep while riding my bike back through the park. Fortunately the sage caught me so I didn’t completely crash. I sat down against the gate at Fabian-Lucas cabins to rest for a moment and fell asleep sitting up for nearly fifteen minutes. That’s real fatigue.

More details and pictures to follow.

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