DJI Osmo Pocket Review – Real-world testing in Salt Lake City Airport

The DJI Osmo Pocket is one of the most unique cameras on the market today. It gives you 4k 60p recording on a very stable gimbal head in a tiny package. There really is nothing else like it. It also has pan motion time lapse, hyperlapse, and connectivity with a smartphone. Aaron shows you how it connects wirelessly to his iPhone Xs. He talks about the challenges of starting it up and how he now feels about it.

The video features clips of a 4k real-time walk through and an HD hyperlapse recorded in the airport.

Get the following on Amazon:
DJI Osmo Pocket:
DJI Osmo Wireless Expansion Kit:
Polar Pro Wireless tripod mount:
Polar Pro Tripod Mount cage:
ND filters for Osmo Pocket:

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  1. Amazing tech in a tiny package. Thanks for a great review.

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