Dolly rev 1 performance

The dolly saw its first field action this weekend at the old mission dam in Mission Trails Regional Park.

Being so tied up with filming, we didn’t take any action photos. Oops.

Like most other dolly systems, this configuration only works with the camera upright. That’s great if you want to film everything flat. But as with expeditioning, keeping things level is rarely interesting.

The camera almost ate it once and that’s where I believe I cracked a filter. Better the filter than the lens.

Based on this experience, I’ve got parts on order from Mcmaster Carr. I ended up doing a little engineering analysis AFTER I ordered parts and found what I bought won’t cut it. I will be able to try out the concept, though.

It will be much more versatile than what I and every other Indy film maker has.

That’s a good thing.


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