Enjoy Banff Films for Free from this list on Explorersweb

Explorersweb just posted an article about downloading/streaming/watching nearly 100 Banff adventure films for free:

100 Adventure Films to Stream for Free

I downloaded the PDF from the link for you here:

Banff Film List

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Gear donation

Thank you so much Cheryl H., of Fallbrook, CA.  Your massive donation of equipment to this expedition takes a big chunk out of the remaining things I need to make

Equipment donation

A huge thanks to Linda K. of San Diego for a donation of an iPod Nano.  It willgo a long way to keeping me sane out on the world’s ultimate ice

Newest supporters

Thank you Cheryl H. of Fallbrook, CA, and Stephanie C. of Liberty Township, OH, for your generous donations! These will help pay for satellite phone airtime.

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