FASTEST CHEAP Video Tripod— E-Image 2 Stage Tripod In-Depth Review

Aaron unboxes and reviews the E-Image 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod with GH03 Head. It is supposed to be the fastest inexpensive video tripod on the market. He talks about this tripod vs the expensive Sachtler Flowtech tripod. Is the Sachtler worth the extra $1000? Aaron talks about that. He demonstrates how the E-Image tripod opens, what the bag weighs, and everything you need to know.
Setup speed comparison of E-Image vs Bogen Manfrotto tripod. This may be the fastest inexpensive video tripod on the market. It has a pan bar, bag, 75mm ball head, removable spreader, foot spikes, spirit level, and everything you expect in a video tripod. Aaron shows how to use the tripod.

Video table of contents
0:52 Unboxing
3:22 Video plate
4:14 Weight and measurements
7:49 Max leg width
8:43 Breakdown speed
9:04 Bungee leg lock
10:02 Rubber feet and spikes
11:18 Remove rubber feet
12:46 How to mount the plate on a camera
13:48 Plate mounting options, handling, switches, locks
17:47 Ball head usage
19:05 Spirit Level
19:46 Max tilt forward and back
21:28 Raise up speed – whole value of tripod
22:33 Spreader ring
23:28 Tripod deployment speed
23:59 Tripod breakdown speed
24:43 Remove spreader
26:28 Compare setup speeds E-Image vs Bogen
28:35 Bogen breakdown comparison
29:38 E-Image extra pan bar and other options

Get the E-Image tripod on Amazon:
Get the Sachtler Flowtech 75 tripod on Amazon:

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