First long tow

I got my first long tire tow in this weekend. 2.5 hours. It was great! I wandered through the canyons, dragging the tire up and down hills. The interesting part was that pulling on dirt was extremely easy compared to smooth asphalt and concrete.

But! Towing on trails was irritating, as rocks, sticks, and detritus caused snagging, making me fight with the tire. It is good training for rambling over crumbled ice.

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A text I sent today: You must fall in love with hills. They will make you stronger, faster and more resilient. Be one with the hill. You might have been

Up Tamarack!

Finally.  I was able to drag the tire up Tamarack off El Camino Real and not die from it.  I’ve been putting off going up that hill for fear of

2012 workout log posted

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