Flash Photography – The Off-Camera Flash Ultimate Course

Off-Camera Flash Photography

Learn off-camera flash photography with Aaron:

Flash Photography – The Off-Camera Flash Ultimate Course

You will learn the concepts and fundamentals of off-camera flash photography in this course. You’ll see what it takes to make interesting portraits. You’ll also see how to use lighting to change mundane objects into something interesting to look at. The class is comprehensive but easy-to-follow. You’ll be able to practice the techniques using the settings presented in the class.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Different flash types and their value
  • How to create professional stop motion images
  • How to trigger your flash using different tools
  • What light modifiers are and how they can improve your shots
  • Advanced techniques to create dramatic shots in the day and night
  • How to overpower the sun and get good shots in tough conditions
  • To create motion streaks and how to make them appear the way you want them.


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