FrustrationFrustration drives so many people to give up on themselves and their dreams. Don’t let this negative emotion overwhelm your life. Frustration comes from being unable to do something for lack of skill or time. In order to gain the knowledge necessary to pursue your passion, you’ll have to sacrifice time in another aspect of your life. To grow, learn, and move closer to your goal, you’ll have to give up something.

I want to cross polar ice caps, climb mountains, write about the experiences, and inspire people with them. In order to do that, I have to sacrifice many aspects of my life. I’m searching for sponsorship to ski to the North Pole. If I want to go, I need both training and dollars. Both consume time, my most precious resource. Look at what you really want to do and decide what you’ll sacrifice for it. Once you do, frustration will melt away. You’ll be happier and more satisfied.

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