Guts of Antarctic Tears rough draft complete

Finally!  After months of working on my book manuscript of Antarctic Tears in Scrivener, I have

Rough draft manuscript

Rough draft manuscript

completed the first rough draft.  There’s the surrounding material still to fill in (foreword, epilogue, appendices, et. al) but the main guts of the book are there, in the computer.

Woo hoo!  There are still endless hours to put in but I’ve at least quarried the marble so that I might make my angel.  At least that’s what my editor tells me.  Without that full rough draft, you are just never going to be able to even begin chiseling out a piece of art.

However, I am no Michelangelo.  I did not give up on my expedition even after so many things went wrong and I will not give up on this.

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  1. Chris says:

    Way to go Aaron!

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