Excitement about change

robin-williams-how-excitingAt the end of the the movie Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, the main character Larry Daley played by Ben Stiller is faced with a problem. He realizes that his grand adventure is over. He took a risk to save his friends and succeeded. But the effort cost him his job. Now he is unsure what to do next. Teddy Roosevelt played by Robin Williams tells Larry, “It’s time for your next adventure.” Larry replies, “I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow.” Teddy whispers back, “How exciting!”

When faced with uncertainty about a change in life, you can either be frightened or excited. Change is inevitable in our world. It’s your attitude that determines how well you do with the transition. Decide to be excited about your new adventure. You know there will be challenges along the way. That’s okay. It’s part of the growth process. Embrace the change with a smile and look forward to your new day.

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