How to choose between the Puma and Bison Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bags

Aaron shares his comparisons between the Western Mountaineering Puma and Bison bags. These expedition sleeping bags are meant for the toughest conditions around the world. Which bag should you choose? Watch as Aaron explains where he’s used each and why he made that choice in Antarctica, Greenland, Denali, etc.

1:43 loft comparison
3:34 Ethical sourcing of down
4:23 Girth comparison
5:09 length comparison
6:02 Where they are made
7:02 Secret tools to extend Puma
8:12 Compare interiors
10:11 Compare neck systems
10:45 Enter the Bison
13:34 Enter the Puma
15:15 Compare the foot areas
17:06 Point by point tech comparison
18:45 Microfiber vs gore wind stop
19:46 Draft tube comparison
20:04 Choose by temperature
20:50 Puma lowest temperature
21:18 Stuff puma into 30L stuff sack
22:32 Stuff Bison into 30L stuff sack
23:06 compression comparison

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