How to Choose Gloves for Cold Weather Activities System

I show you how to choose gloves for cold weather activities like camping, hiking, climbing, and adventuring in winter conditions. This pro glove system has prevented frostbite in extremely cold weather (-40ºF/C). I have used this glove system for 15+ years and it has worked quite well. This system has worked in Antarctica, Denali, Elbrus, the Rocky Mountains in the winter, etc.

Videos on these featured gloves:
Liner gloves:
Alti Mitt gloves:
Stormtracker Sensor Gloves:

Links to featured items at Amazon:
Outdoor Research gloves:

Bonus for channel members – request videos for me to help you out with your outdoor activities.
Antarctic Tears:
How to Keep Your Feet Warm in the Cold:
Adventure Expedition One:
Lost at Windy Corner:

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