In west thumb

Having a good and educational time in Yellowstone. Had my first equipment loss – the precious cereal bowl.

It seconded as the scoop for making water. I didn’t pack the bowl in its usual place in a bag. Sure enough, I must have dropped it when digging through the gear bag.

My efficiency is low for gear handling on this trip. That needs some serious work prior to any larger expeditions.

Need the lexan cup. It is smaller than a cereal bowl and won’t shatter at minus 20 deg.

Tonite finds me at west thumb. Last nite was -20 deg. Brr. It was the classic cold after a storm clears out.

Having serious cracks in my fingers to the point of bleeding. Never had this before. It makes touching anything painful. Maybe the opposite of Midas?

My route has been completely changed due to the lack of snow in Haydon valley. In order to reach Indian Creek, I have to go via Old Faithful and over a miserably steep pass.

The toughest part of this trip has been my speed. I am only making about 50% of what I was doing last year. I should have been at West thumb last night or early this morning. Instead I arrived this evening at 8 PM. Carrying 50% more load as a direct correlation to the time involved with the travel.

Having it snow all day yesterday made travel also extremely slow due to the drag. Since my permit requires me to go to Old Faithful but I do not want to go over the continental divide twice that is extremely difficult. And I wouldn’t have to make the double jump on the way back as well.

As with all trips I am at that point where I have to decide what to do. I am concerned that the severe cracks in my fingers are going to lead to potential infection but not only that it makes it extremely difficult to handle anything.

What I wouldn’t give for some paint on second skin right now. That would at least seal up the wound and stop the bleeding.

Tomorrow is evaluation day.


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  1. Kim Ruiz says:

    Why does learning involve such painful experiences? Praying for you of course, and hope you will be able to enjoy some of this expedition.

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