Jackson Hole Quickdraw 2013

As part of my video reel, I needed to put together a video from something interesting and fun, then edit it so it worked well.

So, I went out the day before the Jackson Hole Quickdraw during the 2013 Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival and began shooting setup shots.  That way I could make some fun transitions to the actual drawing competition.

It was very crazy to be shooting with three different cameras during the competition to make this shoot happen.  As much as I wanted to be shooting with a PMW-200, the budget did not accommodate that camera.  Instead, I shot with:

  • Nikon D300s
  • Canon M-500
  • GoPro 3 Black

Using these three cameras, plus Final Cut Pro X to edit the material, made it possible to create the video above.  I’ve done work as a DirectorDirector of Photography, cinematographer, editor, grip, and gaffer.  All have been fun, though I prefer working as a DP or cinematographer, as it’s one of my passions.

Getting the right shot, making it look great, and matching or improving the director’s vision is a constant and challenging job.  The rewards are worth it.

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