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KHOL 89.1 Jackson Interview

KHOL 89.1 Jackson Interview

It was a pleasure to have a KHOL 89.1 Jackson interview. Brielle Schaeffer had me on the radio for an interview yesterday. We talked about the experience of being in Antarctica, what it took to put the expedition together, and what my plans are for the future.

One of the enjoyable things about being on the radio is the interaction is personal. Radio personalities like Brielle make you comfortable. You have more time than on television to speak with the folks at the station. Being on television is always fun and entertaining, too. But being on the radio has a different feel to it.

Listen to the interview here:

KHOL 89.1 is the Jackson Hole community radio station. Based at the Center for the Arts, the station relies on community funding to keep its programming on the air. As a member, I enjoy knowing that I support the radio station and its mission. They routinely feature authors and local interest stories. These engage the community and share the experience with everyone.

Announcements on KHOL 89.1 Jackson Interview

Being on the radio, I also made the first public announcements of my two new upcoming books. It was fun to broadcast this information on community radio. It also forces me, as an author, to drive both projects to completion. A KHOL 89.1 Jackson interview is the perfect place to do this.

KHOL 89.1 Jackson InterviewOne is a non-fiction work about how to create your own great adventure. It guides you through all the aspects you’ll need to consider to put on a significant adventure. Whether you are planning to row across the Atlantic, climb Denali, or ski across Antarctica,

Writing solid, long-form books is a major undertaking. In fact, I found writing Antarctic Tears more challenging (in some ways!) than skiing across Antarctica alone. The distractions while writing a book are innumerable. There were no real distractions crossing Antarctica. There was only the incessant bad weather and 300 pounds of supplies to keep me occupied.


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