AARON LINSDAU Adversity Expert Safety Video Series

Safety Video Series

Safety Video Series

As a safety speaker, Aaron provides a continuous Mindful Safety video series for clients. Every week, Aaron delivers a safety tip video to your inbox. This video can then be distributed throughout your organization.

These videos are 3 to 5 minutes long and focus on one specific topic of safety. They are a mix of OSHA topics, the psychology of safety, maintaining a positive safety attitude, and creating a culture of 100% safety 100% of the time.


  • Industrial safety
  • Health safety
  • Staying injury-free
  • Continuous safety improvement program
  • Preventing small problems from becoming big disasters

Subscription Value

This subscription service takes the load off your organization. Instead of trying to produce videos yourself, let Aaron deliver them for you. Free up your safety training department for other tasks. These videos can be referred to time and again. Put them into your training program. Once you receive a video from your subscription, it’s yours to keep forever.

Creating a Mindful Safety environment is essential to your most valuable resource—your people.

When people are hurt, it doesn’t just affect your bottom line. It impacts the well-being and morale of the entire team. No one wakes up thinking they’ll be injured or killed, but unfortunately, it happens every day. Safety is a never-ending job. Not only that, it’s everyone’s job from the CEO to the mail room. These videos help you emphasize the message in a unique way.

Customize Your Videos

As a bonus, you can have your company logo embedded into the video to personalize the experience. Instead of trying to produce regular company-specific videos, let Aaron deliver these customized videos directly to you. They provide excellent safety talking points at weekly, monthly, and quarterly briefings.

Start Receiving Your Safety Video Series Today

Fill out the form below to get started with Aaron’s safety video series. He’s a motivational speaker, so he knows how to make the topic of safety fun and engaging. This subscription service will improve the safety of your site and organization today!