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Celebrate small goals

Polar explorer in Bratislava: Celebrate Small Goals Polar explorer Vilborg Arna Gissurardottir talks about how to celebrate small goals. She is the first woman from Iceland to ski 720 miles (1160km) to the South Pole alone. Only 30 people have ever achieved this goal. What goals are you attempting to achieve? You’ll learn to celebrate small goals from Vilborg. Vilborg’s lessons from the South Pole “I only had to ski across each sastrugi once. Sure, there were 100’s of kilometers to cross, but each one only had to be passed once.” “Remember that when you’re facing an unexpected problem in your
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Impressive statistics

After posting the video and blog link on Vilborg, I was blown away by the response I received.  Vilborg said it was the number two blog posting on that day in Iceland – not too bad of a mark to hit. When I made the video for her, I didn’t think about the traffic it would generate.  Only that I’d hope she might use it for her next expedition or project she’s working on.  When I only have a few moments to make a video shoot in the literal middle of nowhere, I’m always thinking back to how I could
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Christmas eve meeting

Along the way an Antarctica, something unbelievably strange happened.  I heard a voice calling out my name in the literal middle of nowhere.  Having traveled over 300 miles at that point, it never occurred to me that someone might come across me. And yet, it happened. Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir was vying to be the first woman from Iceland to solo-ski from Hercules Inlet on the Ronne Ice shelf situated on the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.  This meant she was to receive no outside assistance, either to move her equipment or to pick up along the way.
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