Unboxing: Is this studio light kit Gold or Garbage?

I bought a studio lighting kit from Amazon for a super cheap price because I wanted to try it out and I know a secret about lighting. Light doesn’t care how much you spend. Light is light. The only thing that’s a difference is how long the gear will last and how efficient it will make you. If you’re not worried about owning ProPhoto or can stand for a little time lost, then this kit may just be for you. I’m using this for quick client demos, product reviews, and my Youtube channel.

Other light kits on Amazon cost $120-$220-$1500. This kit is in the two-digit price range! So far I’m very happy. I review the critical parts in the kit. There are some flaws to be sure, but this is pretty hard to pass up.

***** Here’s the Amazon link to this light kit *****

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