Week 2

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve arrived in Jackson and I’m beginning to get the feel of things. The thing I’m feeling tonite is a scraped shin from a bungled attempt to evacuate a mosquito onslaught.

Picking up a barbecue pork sandwich from Bubba’s, the locals’ place, I thought it a good idea to head over to the local ski mountain and enjoy the transition from dusk to night while chowing down. The simple plan unfolded nicely, as the potato salad perfectly complemented the generous mass of shredded pork, all while enjoying looking at Snow King.

My southern California training then literally bit me, half way through the meal.

Having a pile of meat in the open at dusk near the forest was a virtual invitation to an awaiting mosquito squadron. Within moments, I was assaulted.

With a sigh, I mushed the food back into its styrofoam container, then jumped back into the truck. In my haste, I hopped in too aggressively. This translated into crushing my shin against a cutout in the dashboard, thus grinding an inch off my lower leg.

It’s amazing what a few bugs will drive you to do when you’re from a place with none. The distraction is incredible and the resultant pain is a reminder I’m not in Kansas any more.

An educational end to Friday the 13th?

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