What’s Jackson Hole like?

Jackson Hole, WY, is one of the most unique and desirable towns to live in the American West. During the off-season, the town has 10,000 people but during summer, the population can swell to 80,000. There are few places like that in the world.
Jackson is the main access point for Yellowstone and Grand Teton, two of America’s most famous National Parks. Wildlife is abundant and can be seen year-round.
Jackson is an outdoor sports destination for travelers from around the world. People come for a ski season and stay a decade. As such, it has made Jackson extremely expensive to live in, including the effect of those able to own multiple houses buying up properties and only “living” in Jackson for a week or two.
For the downsides, it’s a beautiful place to visit and live. Just be prepared for access challenge and a harsh sub-arctic winter.


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